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  • Pick-up directly from your airport terminal, hotel lobby or home in United States
  • Door-to-door service with drop-off right at your next destination
  • Reliable, professional transport service available day or night
  • Luggage, airport parking, tolls and waiting time all included in price
  • Affordable shared vehicle transfer from $17.00 USD one-way

Book your transfer with GO Mears Transportation Group on our Airport Shuttle Bus service today!

Where We Go

At GO Mears Transportation Group our Airport Shuttle Bus service is available for transfers between Orlando Airport, and 85 locations across United States.

What We Do

The Airport Shuttle Bus service aboard GO Mears Transportation Group is an affordable on-demand door-to-door shuttle service. Your vehicle will be shared with others and will make stops for passengers travelling nearby. Your pick-up and travel time is flexible and will be adjusted to suit all passengers travelling together while making sure everyone gets to their destination on time.

Our Airport Shuttle Bus service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can be booked up to 24 hours ahead of travel. At GO Mears Transportation Group we offer fixed transfer fares starting from $17.00 USD total one-way and with enough seat capacity for up to 11 passengers. Your final fare with us includes luggage allowance for 1 carry-on bag and 1 check-in bag per passenger. Also included in all our fares are airport parking fees, any tolls along the route and your drivers waiting time.

Who We Are

GO Mears Transportation Group is a transport company based in United States and we have been a professional transport supplier on Jayride since April 2015.

Since 1983, Mears has proudly served as the official shuttle concessionaire at Orlando International Airport, serving all of Central Florida and its attractions. Our more than 70 dedicated, full-time airport staff members provide reliable transportation service to individuals and families traveling to and from Orlando attractions.

The shared ride shuttle service is an economical transportation option. The fare includes all tolls and other surcharges. The cost of the shuttle service is a fraction of the cost for other transportation options. Depending on the time of transfer and destination, guests utilizing the shared ride service may make more than a single stop. Our shuttle operators are uniformed service oriented professionals with a vast knowledge of the Orlando area.

What Our Passengers Say

1.5 From 6 reviewers
(travel in November 2016) 2

Disappointing because although the driver was polite and helpful he didn't know where he was going and took us a really long way around Orlando past the hotel twice.

(travel in October 2016) 1

When I arrived in Orlando Mears did not have my reservation on file, and could not locate it. I was able to pull up the email confirmation which they honored but it took about 20 minutes to sort out. From there I went outside to meet the shuttle and the worker on the curb side pickup was rude and snapped at me for not understanding the process (as this was my first Mears experience). Once in theshuttle, about 15 minutes into the ride the driver said he didn't have my stop, he added me to the end of the line of his drop off schedule. On stop 2 he turned into the wrong hotel, got back on the street but this time turned into a lonestar missing it again. He thought the parking lots connected so we went around the back and ended up on a gravel road and turned around in the grass. At the 3rd or 4th hotel he stopped and opened all the doors ready to assist the person at that stop only to find no one was going to that particular hotel. He was clearly frustrated at that point to find out no one was going to that hotel and he had a 2nd passenger on board that had not been on his list. His driving got more aggressive and we were going 30 mph over speed bumps in hotel parking lots. Finally we made it to my stop but I didn't get to my hotel until after 1:00 am, over 2 hours after I landed. Things go wrong that's life but it seemed horrendous given the few people that were at the airport and using Mears at that time of night and the fact that our driver said he'd been doing shuttle service for over 15 years in Orlando. ... Read more

(travel in September 2016) 2

Finding an agent to help was very oconfusing! Did not accept confirmation number had to call supervisor, waited 45 min for bus! 9 people transfer took another hr! 21/2 hrs after flight arrival, arrived at hotel! Then I get told I must call 24 hrs prior to leaving hotel to call again for transportation back to airport! Also purchasing ticket at airport return costs $33! .why did you charge me $45+????? Will not be using your service again!!!... Read more

(travel in April 2016) 1

I was booked on a shuttle that didn't exist!
when i emailed them to tell them this they replied asking for more details to which I Gave and then never heard from them. THEY TOOK MY MONEY AND GAVE ME A MADE UP SHUTTLE BOOKING

(travel in March 2016) 1

My reservation was for 3:30 and never showed. After waiting 45 minutes I had to take a $70 cab to the airport to catch my flight. I never received any word from the company or driver about when/if they were coming.

$17.00 USD
Price for all passengersIncludes all taxes and fees

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  • Reliable, Professional Service
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GO Mears Transportation Group
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$17.00 USD one-way
included in price
(1 carry-on & 1 check-in bag per passenger)
included in price
included in price
included in price